Django mailer is used to queue e-mails. This allows the emails to be sent asynchronously (by the use of a command extension) rather than blocking the response.


Django Mailer fork

django-mailer-2 is a fork form Chris Beaven fort to of James Tauber’s django-mailer.__

This document is readthedocs version of the fork that Chris and James made the original document with some additional information.



Chris Beaven started a fork of django-mailer and it got to the point when it would be rather difficult to merge back. The fork was then renamed to the completely unimaginative “django mailer 2”.

In hindsight, this was a bad naming choice as it wasn’t supposed to reflect that this is a “2.0” version or the like, simply an alternative.

The application namespace was changed (django-mailer-2 uses django_mailer whereas django-mailer uses mailer), allowing the two products to technically live side by side in harmony. One of the motivations in doing this was to make the transition simpler for projects which are using django-mailer (or to transition back, if someone doesn’t like this one).

I made an additional fork as I need to correct some bugs related to unicode mail and add some interesting patches as the one which allows you to remove mails.


Some of the larger differences in django-mailer-2:

  • It saves a rendered version of the email instead - so HTML and other attachments are handled fine
  • The models were completely refactored for a better logical separation of data.
  • It provides a hook to override (aka “monkey patch”) the Django send_mail, mail_admins and mail_manager functions.
  • Added a management command to remove old e-mails, so the database does not increase so much.
  • Added a new testing procedure, so you can run the tests without having to install and configure a Django application.
  • Added some cron templates ein bin folder to help you to configure the cron.
  • Improved admin configuration.
  • Added a demo project, which shows how we can retrieve an email stored in the database and shows django-mailer in the admin.


At the time of the fork, the primary authors of django-mailer were James Tauber and Brian Rosner. The additional contributors included Michael Trier, Doug Napoleone and Jannis Leidel.

Original branch and the django-mailer-2 hard work comes from Chris Beaven.